Dog Pet Treats, beef liver jerky & beef dog bones

Champs™ Premium Liver Jerky Treats for Dogs is made from natural, 100% AGA-Certified Grassfed Angus beef from our farm in North Carolina. There are no fillers, additives, added hormones or preservatives used to make this product. It is human grade Angus beef liver. Once it is cut, it is dehydrated and packaged in a resealable pouch. It is USDA inspected. It stores best if refrigerated after opening. Each package contains three ounces of liver jerky.

At Hilltop Angus Farm, we investigate how we can add value to underused parts of our cows. This is why we introduced Champs™. Before, most of the liver from our cows became waste. Now, it’s a unique and healthy treat for dogs. Look for more new products from more animals in the future. Please read more about The Whole Animal Project™ on this site.

I am so happy to find a dog treat that is all natural, grassfed beef – and it’s from cows raised in North Carolina. We have confidence in the purity of Champs because it is from an animal raised in the U.S. and does not contain fillers. We’ve done our own taste test with the neighbors’ dogs and ours. We’ll put down other treats next to this liver and it’s the Champs they go to first. Our dog loves this liver. She needs high-value rewards with her training and will do anything for it.
— Claudia Watson
Pinehurst, NC
— Roger Lynuell
Pinehurst, NC
— Ann McIlwain
Pinehurst, NC

“Each year RAFI’s Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund seeks out the most innovative and creative farmers from around the state.  We look to these folks to demonstrate profitable ways to make a living from small-scale agriculture, and to share their lessons with their neighbors and community members.  Hilltop Angus Farm in Mt. Gilead embodies that innovative spirit, without losing the lessons learned from generations of farming knowledge and heritage.  We’re lucky to have them as a resource.” 

– Joe Schroeder, Program Director,Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund, Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA

Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA
Champs™ Premium Liver Jerky Treats for Dogs has been developed with funding from the Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund (TCRF). The fund aims to assist farmers and rural communities develop new sources of agricultural income through provision of cost-share grants. TCRF is supported exclusively by a grant from the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission through a program developed by the Rural Advancement Foundation International USA.


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