Grassfed Lamb

Sheep GrazingRecently, we acquired the lease to my nephew’s nearby sheep farm.  Unfortunately, he had to go off to the big city to support his family and could no longer keep raising sheep. I’ve learned some of what I know about raising sheep from him, and we thought it would be good to keep this farm in our family. We’ve often enjoyed lamb on our table that he had raised.

The farm has beautiful rolling hills, with some steep areas, so it’s not well suited for a high rate of cattle, but sheep and goats do very well there. The pasture has been self-sustaining for six years without the use of chemicals or fertilizer. The clover stand helps maintain the grass by producing nitrogen in the soil. 

The herd is Katahdin, a docile and easily handled breed.  Our herd consists of 40 females and a buck. There’s also a guard dog that moves as the herd moves—protecting them from the coyotes that run along the fence line. Until my nephew got this dog, he had a very hard time keeping his goats, now the coyotes leave the babies alone.

Our lamb will be available on a limited basis and we will send notification of its availability via our e-mail newsletter. Lamb will be listed on the website in our Products section. If you do not see it listed, it is not available in the near future.

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