The Whole Animal Project™

Hilltop Angus Grassfed beef is the best tasting grassfed beef I have been able to find. Incredibly reasonable pricing and top-notch customer service. Their pork is just as good as their beef and you can’t beat the convenience of buying both from the same farmer. Their meats taste happy.
— Whitney Ross,
Wilmington, North Carolina

Thou shall not waste. This is one of our marching orders at Hilltop Angus Farm. Wasting no part of the animals we raise is good for sustainable agriculture and for protecting our environment. It’s also the right thing to do. Treating every animal with respect demands that we do everything we can to use every part–and waste nothing! This is the thinking behind The Whole Animal Project.

The goals of The Whole Animal Project are twofold:

  • Use and market the whole animal
  • Work with other farms, food manufacturers, food distributors, retail stores and restaurants to use and market the whole animal.

The Whole Animal Project turns what was wasted into useful products.
At Hilltop Angus Farm, we investigate how we can add value to underused parts of our cows. This is why we introduced our Champs™, 100% liver jerky treats for dogs. Before, most of the liver from our cows became waste. Now, it’s a unique and healthy treat for dogs. Look for more new products from more animals in the future.

The Whole Animal Project brings 100% grass-fed Angus beef products to the whole animal market.
The whole animal movement has always been about environmental stewardship, sustainability and treating the animals we eat ethically. Hilltop Angus Farm supplies the movement with a certified source of 100% American Grassfed Association-Certified grassfed Angus beef. With no additives, hormones, or chemicals.

The Whole Animal Project helps push the boundary of sustainability.
We’re taking sustainability to a new level. The more parts of the animal we market profitably, the more sustainable we can be. We’re showing that the demand for whole animal products is real … and so are the benefits to sustainability. And by sharing our experience, we’re demonstrating the value of these sustainability practices for other growers.

The Whole Animal Project encourages partnerships with other growers.
The more farmers join together, the larger the market for whole animal products we can serve. And the larger this market can grow! We constantly talk with other farmers and agriculture leaders. And we’re always happy to share growing and manufacturing processes.

The Whole Animal Project is establishing a model for “whole animal” farms.

Hilltop Angus Farm is helping lead the way in whole animal farming. We are working towards establishing best practices that can become a model for other farms. Our world is changing. Today’s consumers want safe, healthy products grown in tandem with the needs of our environment and respect for the animals that furnish our food.