1/4 Steer ~Vacuum Sealed~Kitchen Ready Cuts~$250 Deposit


PLEASE NOTE: Orders are available for pick-up at a designated farmers’ markets or our farm. SHIPPING NOW AVALIABLE If you wish to have your product shipped to your door, choose UPS Shipping. The rates are a estimate. We will call with shipping rate prior to shipping your order. Also, the prices listed are only estimated prices for each product. The actual price will be determined by individual product weight when pulled from inventory and you will be notified via confirmation email prior to pickup or shipping.

Our ¼ steer package will be 80 lbs. of frozen meat.  Cost is $9.49/lb.  

Your total cost will be $759.20. Cash or Check, 4% charge for cards.

A deposit of $250.00 is required once order is placed.  We will bill you for this. 

Orders must be placed through our website. www.hilltopangusgrassfed.com

Final payment is required at pickup.

What you will get…

35 lbs. ground beef approximately

3 chuck roasts

2 shoulder roasts

2 sirloin tip roasts

1 eye of roast

2 cubed steak

3 broth bone (no chrg.)

2 stew beef

1 flank steak

1 skirt steak

1 pkg. neck bones

2 osso bucco

1 brisket

1 flat iron steak

3 filet mignon

5 NY strip steaks

5 bone-in ribeyes

2 sirloin steaks

No substitutions on ¼ cuts.

Your meat will be frozen and vacuum sealed, ready for your freezer. 

Pickup is at our farmers market locations or at the farm. 

4% up-charge for card use.