Heritage Pork

Pigs forgagingOver the past year, we have been raising heritage breed pigs. Our herd is a cross of Berkshire and Duroc. The Berkshire originates from England, and is the most popular of the heritage breeds. The breed yields a brighter pork than most, and the meat is sweet and creamy with hints of nuttiness. Durocs are known for its sweet meat, marbling, amazing shoulders and spareribs. So, the cross of the two breeds makes for a delicious meal.

Our pigs are raised naturally, much the way my Grandfather raised them.  They are not confined to a factory hog building – they mature as Mother Nature intended. The baby pigs run and play in the barnyard.  After weaning, they are raised outside and allowed to express their “pigness” – by foraging, rooting in the dirt and of course, the hog waller. They eat a feed that’s made from corn and barley and milled locally.

Many people believe that heritage bred pork is just plain better. They have a higher fat marbling throughout the meat, which equates to richer deeper flavor. And, when you put it on the grill, it’s that fat that caramelizes, and makes it taste so lip-smacking good. We invite you to give our pork products a taste test – you will be satisfied.

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